Financial Support

Stewardship is an important part of our ministry.
Offerings support NHUMC’s operations and in-house ministries and also many ministries in our community, nationally and internationally.

Anyone who wishes to pledge to the 2014 budgets, should contact the Church Office at 952-835-7585 or Financial Secretary Roman Kramer at 952-942-7537.

There are a number of ways to make your financial gifts.


Offerings are accepted at each of our worship services.  Your offering may be mailed to the church office; the address is on the envelope.

ACH Automated Giving

Our ACH program provides an automated payment option for those wishing to make regularly scheduled contributions. With ACH, there are no charges for the donor or for the church. The monies are transferred from the account of your choice on the 6th or the 20th of the month.

If for some reason you want to make a change, call Roman Kramer at 952-942-7537 a week before the withdrawal date. This option is available for contributions to the Budget and for Debt Reduction and three Special Offering holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Online Giving

Donations to NHUMC can be made online using a secure web-service which enables persons to contribute online to the Church’s general budget, capital campaign, memorials, and other designation.  Payments can be made using credit cards, debit cards, and checking or savings accounts.

There is a charge to the church for this process which is approximately 2.75%; it varies depending on what method you use. With online giving you can make any changes you want at any time up to 2 business days before it is effective.

To use this service, put an amount in one of the categories listed. If there is none listed, there are three lines marked “other” and you may specify any category (i.e, “memorial,” flowers”, “camperships,” etc.)  Then click on “continue” to get to the next page.  Fill in the required areas.  If it is for a “memorial” or “in honor of,” fill in the name, and then enter information under “Please notify.”

Another category is entitled “create profile” and that will allow you to put in the effective date.  It will also tell you if you would like it to be on going or if you would like to stop.  You will also be able to go back and see what you have given in the past.

To use online giving, click this link.

Contact Financial Secretary Roman Kramer at (e-mail subject NHUMC Giving), 952-942-7537, to learn more about automated and online giving.

Memorial gifts may be sent to the church office or made using the Online Giving option.  To use online giving, click this link.  You can use your regular offering envelope for memorials too.