Endowment Fund

NHUMC Endowment Fund Committee

The NHUMC Congregational Trust Fund was created in 1991 with the vision that church members could make contributions that would live in perpetuity.   The Endowment Fund Committee was established to provide oversight of the fund.   This oversight includes investing the funds, review of performance, and evaluation of distribution requests. The mission of the Trust Fund is generally stated as: “support the mission of NHUMC outside the general operating budget”.  At the funds current value, income generated from the fund assets is available to be distributed in support of this mission.   To date, over $16,000 has been distributed in support of funding request.    A sample of distributions include:

  • Books for the children’s library
  • Camp Scholarships
  • Phone Tree
  • Support of NHUMC sign
  • Support of Welcome Center
  • Seed money for Otis Borop scholarship
  • And many more……

For more information, contact any of the Endowment Fund Committee members.

Jim Gaebel (Chair/Treasurer)

Bill Shermack (Secretary)

David Otto

Jeff Hanson

Roger Frick

Tia Youker


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